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Plans & Pricing

We provide fast, affordable & secure hosting all over the world.

CPU CPU Speed Memory Storage Bandwidth Pricing
Linux Server Economy 4 Cores x 3.1 GHz 4 GB RAM 1 TB (RAID-1) Unmetered $169.99 Order Now
Linux Server Value 4 Cores x 3.1 GHz 8 GB RAM 1.5 TB (RAID-1) Unmetered $199.99 Order Now
Linux Server Deluxe 4 Cores x 3.1 GHz 16 GB RAM 2 TB (RAID-1) Unmetered $249.99 Order Now
Linux Server Ultimate 4 Cores x 3.1 GHz 32 GB RAM 2 TB (RAID-1) Unmetered $349.99 Order Now

Scarlet Dedicated Servers

Tuned for Optimum Performance

Think fast.

Crunch numbers at ridiculous speeds with the latest generation Intel® Xeon® processors.

Built to grow.

New clients beating down your door? Upgrade plans at anytime without having re-provision.

You're in charge.

You’re in charge with root (administrative) access to install PHP, modules, server level proxy, and much more.

Detailed server specs

Host Server

  • Processor type 1x Xeon E3-1220-v3
  • Processor memory 32 GB ECC VLM UDIMM DDR3 1600MHz, (4 x 8)
  • Processor cache 15 MB 8 MB
  • Hard disk 2 x 2TB drives

Each Single-Tenant VM provides

  • 5,000 SMTP relays
  • File and DB backups (paid option)
  • Linux with cPanel available (managed & fully managed)

Maximum Performance

Dedicated hosting is best for resource-intensive web applications with no resource restrictions and FULL ROOT ACCESS – which makes this solution highly customizable.

Levels of Management



Fully Managed

OSCentOS 6 & 7, Fedora 20 & 22, UbuntuCentOS 6CentOS 6
MonitoringProactive: Network & hostProactive: Network & host Reactive: Container (stats via NodePing)Proactive: Network, Host, Container (stats via NodePing)
Root Access
Control Panel
APP installs & updates
Backups (snapshot)Disaster recovery onlyDisaster Recovery w/ on-demand (1 snapshot)Disaster Recovery w/ on-demand (1 snapshot)
Support/Expert ServicesOptional
Dedicated IPs133

Free 1-Click Scripts Install

Install WordPress, help desks, forums and many other apps with a single click.

node js

New Website?

Build Your Website in 5 easy Steps:

  • Login to SiteBuilder.
  • Select a website template & add content.
  • Fine-tune your website
  • Test your site
  • Publish to your web hosting account.

Website Transfer?

Thinking About Switching Hosts?

  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Free Domain Name For Life
  • Free Transfer of your Website.
  • Free Domain Network Setup
  • Free Domain Setup for VPS Server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may want the answer too.

Yes. Every dedicated server hosting plan comes with Web Host Manager (WHM), which gives you complete control over creating and customizing your account, as well as managing all aspects of your server.

Yes. If you currently have a VPS hosting account with us, you can upgrade to our dedicated hosting at any time by ordering a new server. For fully managed customers, we will migrate your data from your current account to your new server. You can also upgrade either your VPS or your dedicated server with Premium DNS, which improves both your security and performance. 

We want you up and running as soon as possible. Our standard dedicated hosting server configurations can be set up in minutes. However, some server add-ons and custom configurations may require longer setup times.

Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is a means for storing data on multiple hard disks, then linking the disks so that the operating system on your server views them as a single entity. We offer RAID-1 with our Windows dedicated server hosting.

The RAID method of data storage is known as mirroring. Data is written to at least two disks, which offers a high degree of data security, but incurs a slight performance decrease due to capturing data on two disks.

Our team is on-site and available 24/7/365 to ensure our servers – and your sites – are running at peak performance.

Although the average time for us to provision your account will likely be within minutes, it may take up to 24 hours or more. But, if you need your hosting right away, please call us at (480) 624-2500 and we’ll do our best to speed things up.

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